1/20/2010 (10:36pm) 1 note

Allowing for Vulnerability

It’s the beginning of the Sun in Aquarius, one of my favorite times of the year because my birthday is here and I feel very much at “home” and in my comfort zone with the Sun in my sign. I tend to think of Aquarians as gregarious, eccentric, humanitarian creatures floating along through life, bringing joy to everyone they meet. Perhaps I’m biased…

But lately, I’ve been reading horoscopes that have focused on the cool and detached nature of Aquarians of which I seem to forget. Although I’m very passionate about most things, generally speaking we do like to be too cool for school, especially when it comes to emotions. And we do NOT want people to know what we are really feeling. Revealing emotions is like being naked…it’s a space of vulnerability.

As a dancer and performer, I’ve been thinking lots about how I convey feelings on the physical stage and on life’s stage. The quote below was given to me by one of my burlesque teachers and it has opened my eyes to how I’ve been holding myself back. It’s helping me allow myself to be in touch with what I’m feeling and more importantly, to bravely express it. I can’t hide behind the planets on either stage so I accept this challenge with the Sun on my side.

"Life requires vulnerability. I treat myself gently and allow myself to be vulnerable. I accept myself as I am today without the need for perfection. I allow myself the freedom to learn without grandiose expectations. I am a living being, I allow my life to flow more broadly across the experience. I allow mys life to rest in the sun of self-acceptance."

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